Behind the Scenes of Our Ferguson Virtual Renovation

Recently, a client, we have had for many years and many homes, needed to furnish a rental home super fast.   These days, it’s quite the task to furnish a home within 60 days, but we were up for the challenge.  We sat down with them for several hours, and made most of the decisions on design and furnishings in our office at the board table.  They were so surprised to learn just how much time and effort goes into selections on their behalf.

Our collaboration with @ferguson, has been so much fun for us and our community! The opportunity to see the process has given so many of you a new appreciation for Burkhart Interiors.  We have had so many requests for products in our virtual bath renovation, and here is the moment you have all been waiting for, a behind the scenes breakdown showing you how it came together.

How It All Starts and Works

Every project at Burkhart Interiors begins with inspiration through pictures, we gathered detailed scenes, via pictures of inspiration, and finishes of how we wanted our personal bath renovation. Ferguson then took our \”before\” shots and virtually created renderings of the after shot based on our designs and selections.

Of course, it is not that simple, right!  We started with our go to source for fixtures, and began the fun process of going down the rabbit hole.  Using the filter option, we could narrow down our selections and hone in on that great tub from Signature Hardware “Cantino”.  It is black, but its the inside and outside black that gave it the extra moment.  Using this as our catalyst, selections where made from some old favorite brands and exploring new brands.  After all, is loaded with all your needs. I got super giddy when I was looking for the perfect vanity, Signature Hardware Ayanna Vanity took care of that search with some great reeded door fronts.  Wall mounted faucets, light fixtures from Kovacs Conic pendant , the key centerpiece light  from the beautiful Millennium “Laurel” and hardware from  Amerock, rounded out the ultimate fresh new virtual bath design.

Final Reveal

Design inspiration complete, finishes and fixtures complete and all were relayed to the Ferguson team.  They took our selections and before pictures and hit the nail on the head.  Creating a virtual moldboard with all the great fixtures.  This really help to see what the final “mood” would portray in the bath    Ferguson then made a virtual rendering of the bath as it is now.   The best part, culminating, in a beautiful final rendering.  This is one of the best ways to visualize that final product.  All before we get out that stick of dynamite.  We have added more links below so click away!

Shower: SignatureHardware

Robe Hook: Robe Hook 

Tub Filler: Lexia wall faucet 

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