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Welcome to ‘In the Details’ a gathering place to share the ins and outs, the how-tos, and all the details that make interior design and life inspiring. Come along with me on a journey as I delve deeper into the ideas and inspiration behind our work incorporating inspiration from the people we meet, the places we travel and all the interior sources we discover in everyday life. I’ll be sharing helpful tips, projects, travel spots, favorite finds and answers to my most-asked questions!

It is all about the journey. Am I right? How we choose to see each door, each turn is what takes us down a path of beauty. Graduating with a degree in Interior Design, I found myself in New Orleans. Decadence and elegance with a definite french aesthetic became the foundation of my design style. It then lead me to a small town in Louisiana. That door opened to the world of business ownership. Over many states and many years Burkhart Interiors has become a world of aspirations, beautiful aesthetics and a daily dose of positive affirmations. Travel is my lifeline to feed that creative spirit and cooking is the part of me that is grounded in tradition from my grandmothers. Sharing all of these aspects, design, business, travel and cooking is a way for me to share my dreams, and open up to a community across the globe. My hope is that you leave this page feeling inspired to find your doors or paths, to create joy in your space and beyond. Hoping you take away a moment of inspiration for your life and find it ‘In the Details’
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